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Author: Jaci Burton

“It’s about goddamned time, Walker.”

“Shut up, Jolene.” He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, hard.




jolene resisted a whoop of joy. wrapped around Walker, both of them naked, lips pressed together, was everything she’d dreamed of. And more. He was rock-hard—everywhere, his body a solid wall of muscle as he effortlessly carried her out of the creek and onto the grass.

He held on to her as if she weighed nothing, dropping to his knees and then down on the grass, bringing her on top of him.

Talk about sensory overload. Splayed over his body, her synapses were firing reactions to her breasts mashed against his chest. Her nipples tingled as they brushed the crisp chest hairs there, and she rocked her pussy against him, wanting him inside her right now.

But oh, there was so much to experience—his tongue doing devilish things to hers, his hands roaming over her back and then cupping the globes of her butt. And when he surged against her, letting her know that the cold water of the creek hadn’t affected his hard-on in the least, she trembled with need, warmer than if he’d thrown a blanket over her.

He was all man, everything she’d imagined him to be. And he wasn’t turning away from her this time. He held on to her hips and ground his erection against her, his mouth bruising her in its intensity. Exactly what she wanted from him. She tangled her hands in his hair and gave as good as she got, twining her tongue around his to suck, greedy for more.

Walker rolled her over onto the grass, then pulled away and stood. They were in the shade, and she shivered at the loss of his body contact.

She leaned up on her elbows, wondering if he was going to once again walk away from her. Surely not, not when they’d come this far already.

But she had nothing to worry about. He came back a few seconds later with a blanket he’d gotten from the saddlebag. He spread it out on the grass.

“Inch over. This is softer than the grass. I don’t want to have to worry about ants crawling up your pussy.”

“The only thing I want crawling up my pussy is you,” she said as she scooted over.

He shook his head. “You are something, Jolene McMasters.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Now, get down here and fuck me.”

He lay down beside her, his gaze roaming over her body. He trailed one finger along her nose, down to her jaw and neck, then over her collarbone snaking the trail between her breasts, eliciting chills that made her nipples pucker. “You’re in too much of a hurry. There’s territory here I need to explore.”

She pushed him onto his back and sat on him, straddling him. She laid her palms flat on his shoulders, and saw his lips curl. Yeah, he was trying not to laugh, because if he really wanted to get up, he could. She was a strong woman but no match for someone like Walker.

In this, though, she intended to have her own way.

“Look, Walker. We’ve had years of foreplay, and that’s plenty for me. I’m hot, I’m wet and I want you inside me. We can play later.”

He shifted, sliding his hands behind his head. “You’re the boss, then. Take it for a ride.”

She rolled against him, tilted her head back and moaned as her pussy slid along his cock. “God, that feels good.” She scraped her nails down his arms. “I don’t suppose you have condoms on you, do you?”

He reached underneath the blanket and pulled out two. Jolene arched a brow. “Haven’t been planning this, have you?”

“You’ve launched a heavy assault on me. I figured you might wear me down eventually and I should probably be prepared just in case you tied me up and had your way with me.”

She laughed, grabbed a packet and tore it open, then shifted down his body so she could wrap her hand around his cock. It was hot and steely hard like the rest of him. She wanted time to explore all of his body, but she couldn’t right now. Later, when the fever burning inside her had been doused, she’d taste and touch him all over.

But oh he felt so good in her hand, she couldn’t resist sliding up and down his shaft, measuring him, feeling him lift his hips and surge against her.

“You gonna put that condom on, woman, or are we gonna play?”

As she lifted her hand around the top of his cock, she slid her thumb over the crest, swirling it through the pearly liquid that escaped there. “I’d like to suck your cock until you come in my mouth.” She rolled the condom over him. “But that’ll have to wait until later, because I want this inside me.”

He grabbed her hips and dragged her up, tangling his fingers in her hair to draw her face toward his. “You’re a vicious tease, Jolene.”

She laughed. “You have no idea.”

He pulled her head down to his and kissed her, and her pulse jumped at the contact of his mouth on hers. Damn, he had nice lips—soft—the only soft part on him. He kissed her with that hard intent, his tongue plunging inside to lick at hers. She slid her pussy along his belly, igniting sparks of arousal that flamed ever higher when she reached between them to fold her fingers around his cock and felt it jerk in her hands. He groaned against her lips.

Jolene lifted upright and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. “All this kissing is nice, Walker, but if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to explode just rubbing myself against you.”

He dug his fingers into her hips. “Is that a bad thing? I want to watch you come.”

She slid down his cock, trembling as he entered her, hot and thick and stretching her as she fit herself onto him. “You will.”

When she was fully seated on him, she began to move forward, then back, using his body to hold on to, to lift herself only to ease back down. Shocks of pleasure sizzled through her from the inside out as she rode him, enhanced by the wicked storm of desire reflected in his eyes.

“Lean forward, darlin’.”

She did, and he reached up and slid his thumbs across her nipples. She gasped as the sensation shot straight to her clit. She sat fully on him, grinding against him to capture more of that sinful pleasure.

“Harder,” she said, continuing to rock against him as he rolled each nipple between his fingers, increasing the pleasure. She repaid him by squeezing his cock inside her.

“Damn,” he whispered, pulling her down to kiss her again.

Jolene was drowning in sensation. His mouth, his hands, moving over her back to grab her hips and lift her up and down his cock. He dragged her against his pelvis, rolling his hips to give her the greatest pleasure.

She felt him everywhere, from his tongue to his hands to the way he eased up into her slow and easy, then pumped fast and hard until she was squirming, coming, crying out against his lips, digging her nails into his chest as she rose up and rode him like her life depended on it.

He gripped her, holding her down on him as he groaned and thrust into her. Pulsing with climax, Jolene rode the wave of her orgasm while he shuddered underneath her.

This was what she’d been waiting for. And it had been so worth the wait. Walker was everything she had imagined he would be, her match in every way. He loved sex as much as she did, and he went for it with a gusto that equaled her own.

Spent, she fell on top of him, laid her head on his shoulder, listening to his rapid breaths and feeling his heart pound against her.

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