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Seduction Instruction (Coble Coffee #2)
Author: Noelle Adams


About Seduction Instruction


MEGAN SPENT MOST OF her life in love with Tyler Carmichael, her best friend’s older brother, but she’s not in love with him anymore. She grew up. She traveled and changed and had her own life experiences, letting go of her silly infatuation. Now she’s back in her hometown to work on her degree, and she’s ready for a romantic relationship at last.

The only problem is she’s never had one before, and at twenty-five she feels clueless and out of her depth. So what better way to learn some best practices in romance than take lessons from a master dater? Tyler himself. If anyone can teach her how to attract a man, it’s him.

First she’ll have to convince him to do it. And then she’ll have to make sure she doesn’t accidentally fall in love with him again.





MEGAN O’DONNELL LEANED back in her favorite chair in Coble Coffee, relieved to be off her feet for a while. She had a half-hour break coming, so she’d sat down at a table with her best friends, Vivian and Britt.

She’d been working at the coffee shop for almost two years, and she enjoyed it as much as she’d enjoy any other job she could get right now. Her boss, Nash, was grumpy but good-hearted, and her friends hung out there all the time. If sometimes she felt like she had no space for fun from trying to work full-time here and also taking an overload of college classes, it wasn’t because her job was a bad one.

She’d chosen this path, just like she’d chosen all the circuitous routes that had taken her here.

At the moment, Britt was telling her and Vivian about the first date she’d had with a new guy. Britt was pretty and blond and tiny with a perpetually sunny disposition, so she had no trouble finding new men to ask her out. She seemed excited about this one—he was working on his PhD in criminal justice—and she was going on and on about their date.

Megan was pleased for her. Genuinely. But sometimes it was hard. Vivian had recently gotten serious with the man she’d been into for a long time, and things between her and Rick now were going so well it was like a sappy movie. Britt had dates every weekend and no end of interested partners waiting in the wings.

While Megan herself hadn’t been on a real date... ever.

It sounded ridiculous, but it was true.

“I’m sorry,” Britt said after a while, her brown eyes sobering as they moved from Vivian to Megan. “I’m babbling, and it’s probably annoying.”

“Of course it’s not,” Megan said quickly.

“You know you can babble to us anytime.” Vivian was smiling already, but just then her smile warmed and softened even more as her attention cut across the room.

Rick, her smart, thoughtful, good-looking boyfriend, was working at a table near the window. He was really good at focusing no matter how crowded the room, but at the moment, he’d looked up from his laptop and was giving Vivian an intimate little smile.

And Megan had to admit the truth. To herself if no one else. She was kind of jealous.

Not that she wanted Rick. Not at all. But she wanted what they had. At least once in her life.

And she’d never had it.

“What’s the matter, Megan?” Britt asked, breaking into her reflections.

“Nothing.” Megan was typically an even-tempered, no-nonsense type of person. She was known for her quick thinking and her sensible advice. She wasn’t in the habit of feeling sorry for herself. “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. You look kind of down in the dumps.” Britt was frowning now.

“Shit. Am I being obnoxious about Rick?” Vivian asked, her dimple disappearing and her blue eyes sobering. “You guys promised you’d tell me if I was.”

“You’re not!” Megan said.

“No way!” Britt replied at exactly the same time. “But something is wrong with Megan, and now she has to tell us what it is.”

“It’s really nothing,” Megan explained, making a hand gesture like she could brush away the silly thoughts. “I just sometimes get kind of blah since you’ve got Rick now, and Britt always has someone, and I have absolutely no one in the romance department.”

“But that’s because you don’t really put yourself out there. You always seem so fine on your own, and you never get on the dating apps or ask your friends to set you up the way I always did.” Vivian clearly knew what she was talking about. She’d definitely been “out there” when she was looking for someone to love, making herself far more vulnerable than Megan would have been comfortable with.

“I know. But none of that really feels like me. I do run into guys sometimes. I mean, I live in the world, and I occasionally encounter them. But they never seem interested in me.”

“That’s not true,” Britt objected. “Plenty of guys have been interested in you.”

“Maybe a few. I wouldn’t say a lot. But most aren’t guys who do it for me. And even when there is someone I might be able to conjure some interest in and he seems to notice me, I have no idea what to do to hold his attention. I’m so inexperienced that it ends up freezing me. It’s this vicious cycle. I can’t get the experience I need with men because I’m so inexperienced.”

“It’s not that hopeless. You do just fine.” Britt was the most empathetic person Megan had ever known, and her voice was cracking with sympathy already. “When you meet the right man, it will just happen.”

“It won’t happen until I let it happen, and I’m too stiff and self-conscious to do it.” Megan shook her head, trying not to glance over to where she knew Vivian’s older brother, Tyler Carmichael, was sitting and chatting with a pretty redhead. “It’s my fault. I was so hung up on Tyler all through school that I didn’t let myself get close to any guy at all. And then I went overseas to teach English. Traveling throughout Europe and seeing all those new places was great, and sure, European men had no qualms at all about hitting on me. But they were all strangers. And I just couldn’t see taking them up on their offers. So then I came back, and now I’m almost twenty-six years old, and I’ve never done anything at all.” She rubbed her face with her hands, wondering why she was getting into all this.

Her friends already knew her history. She’d grown up as best friends with Vivian, and they’d met Britt in high school, and the three of them had been inseparable ever since. Megan wasn’t usually one to ramble on about her feelings, so there was no reason to be doing it now.

“Well, you haven’t met the right man yet,” Britt said, returning to her previous point. “I’m sure when you do, all the steps you think are so impossible will just come easy.”

“Maybe,” Megan replied dubiously. “But I’m not holding my breath. What I really need is a class on how to do romance. I’m good at following instructions. If I just had the lessons all laid down for me step by step, I’m sure I could figure it all out in no time.”

Both Britt and Vivian giggled at that idea, which was exactly what Megan had intended.

“Someone should really do it,” Britt said. “I bet they could make a fortune offering lessons in romance. But who would the teachers be?”

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