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Rage Untamed (Untamed MC Book 2)
Author: Dawn Martens





The Past



Driving behind Hangman we take a turn into the abandoned warehouse that the Jack’s Devil’s USA charter had us come to for the pick up. Pulling in I see an old car, so I know they are there already. I get off my bike and move next to Hangman.

This handover should go easy, just pick up the girl and be on our way. Maybe, depending on the damage these crazy fucks have caused, she might be of use on the ride home.

“We get in, get her, and get out. Killer and Trinity are supposed to be doing this drop off, so we can only imagine how fucked-up this bitch is gonna be,” he says and Gunner pulls in behind us with his truck so we can transport her.

We enter the warehouse, it’s standard as warehouses come, rundown piece of shit, and Trinity, one of the contract killers that works with the Jacks Devils, is dancing around Big Tits practically channeling a deranged lunatic like Harley Quinn on steroids. “Hey there, boys, you’re taking away my fun new toy.” She pouts as we enter the room. Killer just smiles in amusement at her. Fucking psycho.

“Sorry about the mess, but she pissed me off.” I take in Big Tits and see blood seeping out of stomach and chest wounds, wounds I’m not sure we can overcome. Fuck me, the feeling I’m getting right now at seeing this woman again, overcomes me to the point I almost sink to my knees. This bitch is mine, and they damaged my property. I hope Hangman has a good surgeon on call so we can get her help.

“What’s your name?” Hangman asks her, gently pulling the ropes off her and helps her stand up. We’ve only known her as ‘Big Tits,’ or the ‘big-titted waitress,’ never her real name.

“Jennifer,” She whispers brokenly. Fuck, they broke my woman. The crazy feeling washes over me as I realize that I just claimed her and no one knows yet. I’ve wanted this bitch for years, every time we’ve had a run down here and passed through town, I had her. Hangman has had her with me many times, too. But seeing her like this, something has switched inside me.

This craving to have her and only her lays heavy on my mind as Hangman passes her to me, and I pull her tightly to my chest. “Mine,” I growl out, and Jennifer stiffens in my arms.

“Got it,” Hangman says gruffly and Gunner chuckles.

We move out of the warehouse after saying our goodbyes to the psycho fucks and get Jennifer loaded up in the truck. “You okay?”

Stupid question probably. Jennifer rolls her eyes. “Do I look okay?” her voice breaks as tears start to fall. “What are you going to do with me?”

“I’m keeping you,” I tell her. “You’re our payment for helping get rid of a problem the Jacks were having, you belong now to the Untamed MC.” Mostly just me, though, but until she can accept that we’re putting her to work in our club, keeping an eye on her in case she really is a dirty fucking rat just like her brother.

“I’ll never be free!” she cries out and then winces in pain.

“You’ll be as free as we can allow, you should have thought about this shit when you were found out.”

She gives an ugly snort. “I meant free as in ‘death.’”

I sneer at her, “You’re never leaving me.” If I have to chain her to my goddamned bed to make sure she doesn’t take her own life then so be it.

“I’m not yours. I’m your club’s,” she sasses.

“If you keep this sassing shit up, I’ll find better uses for your mouth.” She pales and shuts up at those words.

I slam the truck door and go towards Hangman who’s having a conversation with Gunner. “We’re gonna take her to the clinic and get her patched up as best we can before heading home. Once she’s healed up, we’ll see if we need a plastic surgeon. She’s got stab wounds all over her body, and Trinity admitted to fucking her up with her favorite knife.”

I growl and start to move toward the warehouse to confront Trinity and Killer, but Hangman pulls me back. “She didn’t fuck her with the knife, that’s the positive. Killer admitted that was next up, but then they got the call that we were coming to collect her.”

Anger courses through my body, but I have to settle my shit down because I don’t have an outlet right now to work this anger out of my system.

I look back to the truck she’s loaded up in and sigh. It’s gonna take time, healing, whatever the fuck. Eventually, I’ll have her again, and this time, I will never let her go. She’s mine, she just hasn’t fully realized what that entails yet.



Chapter 1




I grunt as my cum unloads into this whore’s asshole. This bitch is the only one I go ungloved with, and only because I’ve had her thoroughly tested, and pay her to stay mine, and only mine. My brothers have tried to get me to let them have a turn, but that ain’t happening.

At least, not until I’m done. Hangman and I are the only ones that get the new bitches, and until we’re done breaking them in, they stay ours. Except this cunt here, she’s not new anymore, but she’s flexible as fuck and doesn’t talk.

Nothing better than a bitch who doesn’t bitch.

I slap her ass, letting her know we’re done, and without a word like a good little bitch, she gets up and leaves while taking the bag I made her wear off her head. Flopping to my back on my bed, I grab my smokes from the table and light one up.

Ever since Hangman found his daughter Melissa, and became a grandfather, the fucker has become a pussy. Hell, the club is going to shit because of the kid. Hangman went soft, Slammer left the club for her. And Dirty...idiot took Melissa’s damn advice about the bitch Anara and now he’s gone all soft and shit, too.

“Yo, Rage!” Hangman shouts as he bangs open my door. “For fuck’s sake,” he mutters as he realizes I’m just laying on the bed naked and turns around. “You done with that bitch Jordan yet? Every brother out there is bitching about not being able to try her out. She’s been here six months now.”

“Fuck off. And no. I still like her holes.” I move off the bed and grab my pants, yanking them up. “You’ll be the first to know when I’m done with her.” I smirk at him as I pass. The other brothers stopped bitching months ago about this shit, so I know it’s him that wants a taste of the mute Jordan. Though I doubt he’ll actually take her, man’s been celibate as fuck since he finally got his woman Justine and has made a vow to never cheat on her.

Fucking stupid name for someone with tits. If it wasn’t for her body she wouldn’t be here, she’s what I like to call, a butter face.

“By the time you’re done with her, her holes will be as ugly as her face,” he grumbles, making me grunt out a laugh, there is a reason why I made that bitch wear a bag on her head. Don’t need to see her ugly fuckin’ face while I’m banging her. “Anyways, real reason I came to find you, is that the paperwork from Megan is here.”

I flip him off and grunt. Thank fuck, I’m finally free of that bitch. Everyone was shocked as shit when I helped the woman leave. Pretty sure I had her shit packed before she decided she was leaving. We tolerated each other since life threw us together. She was a gift to me from the old president of the club. His used-up whore. My patch-in gift. So, it was no skin off my back when she decided to leave. The bitch never complained when I would bring home another woman to fuck or had a kid with another woman. Hell, Megan would constantly volunteer to babysit, knowing full well I’d be fucking the kids’ mother while she did.

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