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Alexius (Dark Sovereign #1)
Author: Bella J.



Chapter One






“You fucked up. Again.” I rub my fingers along my chin, leveling the stupid fuck in front of me with a glare that could have him burst into flames at any moment.

“I didn’t have a choice. The motherfucker had a knife in his hand.”

I lean forward, placing my elbows on my solid oak desk. “And you decided to shoot him? So, not only are you as dumb as you are ugly, but you’re a fucking coward, too.”

Jimmy wipes a palm down his face, his gaze cutting nervously from one side of my office to the other. Fucker can’t look me in the eye because he knows he screwed up big.

“How many times am I going to save your ass, Jimmy?”

“Alexius, man. I’m sorry.”

“Fuck sorry!” I slam my fists on the table as I stand, pens and books rattling on the flat surface as anger vibrates against my knuckles. “I am sick and tired of cleaning your goddamn messes.”

He bites the corner of his mouth, knowing better than to say another fucking word, but I can see the arrogance in his expression. Pompous fuck.

Nicoli walks in, followed by Maximo, who shuts the door so hard, if it were made of cheap wood, we’d be picking splinters from Jimmy’s back.

Nicoli stills in front of Jimmy, slanting his head to the side as he studies him. “This fucker is a special kind of stupid, isn’t he?”

“Calling him stupid is a compliment, brother,” I reply, without taking my eyes off Jimmy while he rubs his jaw, the scratchy sound of the pubic hair he calls a fucking beard grating against my spine.

“You two can’t talk to me like that.” Jimmy straightens his shoulders and puffs his chest like a motherfucking peacock.

“We can talk to you however the fuck we want, Jimmy.” Nicoli pours himself a glass of bourbon and loosens his tie before sitting down on the leather couch. Strands of dark hair touch his eyebrows, and those pussy-bait blue eyes of his have an extra twinkle in them.

I scoff at my brother. “Tell me I haven’t been waiting for you for over an hour because you had to drag your slut ass from the club.”

“What can I say, brother?” He shrugs and takes a swig of his drink. “I like pussy, and pussy likes me.”

“The sun hasn’t even set yet.”

“You can’t put a timestamp on pleasure, Alexius.” He lights a cigar, and a puff of smoke floats up to the ceiling, the smell of tobacco and spices instantly filling the room.

“Listen,” Jimmy starts. “I have places to be. So, if we can wrap this up, that would be great.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” I turn my focus back to him, and all I feel is disgust. With his cheap-ass leather jacket, and jeans hanging low around his hips, torn at the seams, he looks more like a street thug than a member of the Del Rossa family.

I round the table as I button my dark gray suit jacket, giving a slight nod in Maximo’s direction.

Maximo is a big motherfucker, and he towers over Jimmy as he slips in behind him.

“Tell your dog to back the fuck down.” Jimmy’s face remains hard and undeterred, but I see it in his mucky-colored eyes. The sliver of fear. The slight twitch of his eyebrow is a telltale sign that he’s nervous.

I twirl the gold ring around my middle finger and feel the branded DS symbol on its black plate. “You know why you haven’t gotten your ring yet, Jimmy?”

“Because I don’t kiss your dad’s ass.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong.” I straighten the lapels of my jacket. “The Sovereign ring is earned. It doesn’t matter who the fuck your father is. He could be the goddamn antichrist, and you still wouldn’t get one if you didn’t earn it with blood.”

Jimmy presses his lips together. “That’s why we’re here right now, remember? Because I got no problem spilling blood.”

I scoff at his ignorance, at the way his small fucking mind can’t fathom that a seat at the table of the Dark Sovereign isn’t a birthright. It’s not something you get simply because you carry the Del Rossa name. You have to be worthy of it, and Jimmy sure as fuck isn’t.

“I knew you’d be nothing but trouble the day my father said you were joining the family business.”

“I don’t care what you think, Alexius.” He steps up closer and squares his shoulders, thinking he can intimidate me when all it does is piss me the fuck off. “Just do what you’re supposed to do.”

My nostrils flare. “And what’s that?”

A smug grin tugs at his lips. “Clean my messes.”

“Jesus Christ,” Nicoli mutters in the background. “Alexius, don’t—”

I grab Jimmy’s arm, fling him to the side, and sink my fingers into the back of his neck before slamming his face against my desk.

“—do it,” Nicoli finishes his sentence and gulps down the rest of his drink.

“Who in the name of ever-loving fuck do you think you are?” I seethe as I press his cheek harder against the solid wood. “I will tear your goddamn spine out your fucking mouth and leave it for the crows to feast on.”

“You can’t kill me, Alexius, and you know it.” His lips are pursed as I squeeze harder, digging my fingers deeper into the sides of his neck. “I’m family, and laying a finger on me goes against our code.”

“And so is bringing shame upon this family, something you do simply by fucking breathing. Maximo,” I order over my shoulder, and he walks up behind me, placing my favorite fucking toy when it comes to playing with fuckers like Jimmy on the desk.

“Jesus. Fuck!” Jimmy spits with his pursed lips as I apply more pressure against his skull. “Alexius, you can’t do this.”

“You can’t tell me what to fucking do.”

“I’m your goddamn cousin.”

“Not by blood, you’re not.”

“I’m still family.”

“Only because Uncle Roberto decided to adopt your pathetic ass after his only son turned out to be a pussy. Little did he know what an epic fuck-up you’d be.”

Maximo grabs Jimmy’s arm and plants his hand on the desk, squeezing hard so the bastard has no choice but to open his palm and flatten his fingers.

“Alexius, fuck. This isn’t funny.” Jimmy thrashes against the hold both Maximo and I have on him, but it’s no use. He doesn’t even have the strength to fight one of us, let alone both. But since I love to be the one to cut through bone, I need Maximo to keep my scum cousin in place while I reach out and put my palm on the gold coil. The silver blade of the finger guillotine glints under the sharp light of my desk lamp, and Maximo pushes down harder as I force Jimmy’s middle finger through the hole.

“Alexius, is this necessary?” Nicoli stands and pours himself another drink. “Do you really want to stain your ten-thousand-dollar desk with this idiot’s blood?”

“Stop this…stop this shit right now!” Jimmy’s spit erupts from his mouth, his body rigid with fear.

Fear is such an ugly fucking thing—especially when it’s plastered all over a grown man’s face. It’s the one thing that separates the men from the pussies in this world.

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