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Rett (The Omega Collective #5)
Author: Mina Carter


About the book



She thought they were on the same side. That mistake cost her everything... including her freedom.

Anya dedicated her life to the fight against the alien invaders who had conquered Earth. Now that fight is over. The rebellion failed, the enemy won, and she knows exactly who to blame. He was her lover, her friend, and a spy for the aliens. Worse. He’s one of them… and she’s his prisoner.

His mission was to spy on the enemy, not fall for one of them.

Find the rebels, infiltrate them, and send back intel that would break the rebellion. Those were his orders. But once he was inside, Rett discovered everything they thought they knew about the human rebels was wrong. The enemy was more dangerous than they expected. They were cunning, determined, and female… and one of them was his mate.

Claiming her isn’t permitted. Taking her prisoner might get him killed, but Rett won’t stop until he has what he wants... her.

This series contains hot, growly aliens on a mission to find their mates - and a group of women determined to free their planet... and themselves.






Xarthing generals and their fucking demands. A’rett stalked through the darkness like a Quartorvian berserker with an axe to grind. And he had one. General Warr was an asshole at the best of times, but this time he’d surpassed himself. Fury raged through Rett’s system as he made his way to the designated meeting place. Thankfully this area was mostly deserted, but had any of the humans been out at this time, the growing darkness hid the fact his eyes were blacked out in anger.

That only worked on humans, though. The predators out here knew him of old. One hint of his scent, and they’d be gone or burrowed down deep like a tanga tick. Dangerous they may be, but he was the biggest predator out here, and they all knew it.

Rounding a wall that used to be the corner of a larger building, he spotted Warr lurking in the shadows of another ruined building opposite. He had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. The big alpha thought he was camouflaged, but he stuck out like a sore thumb. They might as well stick a glowing sign on him “Alien here” and be done with it. He sighed. When would the rest of his species realize that humans were not only dangerous and tenacious, but they were also highly intelligent?

“Why the fuck have you pulled me out, you xarthing idiot?”

Warr whirled around as he emerged, checking the skyline around them with a hard expression. When he was sure they weren’t being watched, he turned his attention back to the general. “Are you trying to blow my fucking cover?”

Warr snarled, and then his voice lowered to a growl. “I am trying to get intelligence. That was the point of all this.” He waved a hand. “Or have you forgotten where your loyalties lie?”

Rett sneered, his control absolute and his fangs hidden. It was one thing to let his eyes blacken out so he could see better but another to flaunt what he was.

“I haven’t forgotten,” he snapped back. Seriously, did the general think he was an actual fucking idiot? “But I also don’t want to die because someone forgot that the point of all this was to earn the humans’ trust. I can’t do that if you order me to drop everything and come running to give my reports in person.”

Warr ignored him, which pissed Rett off all the more, and demanded, “Where is the camp?”

Rett shrugged. “There isn’t one at the moment. We’ve been on the move ever since…” He trailed off, not wanting to give the big alpha any more information than he absolutely had to. Sure, he was a spy for his own species, but he had his own reasons for wanting to keep his cards close to his chest.

“You nearly caught one of them not long ago. Left your scent all over her. They’re rattled.” That was the understatement of the century. He’d never seen such tight expressions on the omega soldiers in camp. “Worried someone will hunt them down.”

“They should be worried. I will find them.” Warr crossed his arms, a stubborn look on his hard face. “Who was she? The scout that got away. I want a name.”

“Hardy.” He kept his expression hard and level. He had to give something or Warr would sense the lie. “The scout’s name is Hardy.”

Triumph flared in the general’s eyes. “Is she still with your group?”



Rett bit back his smirk. If Warr thought it would be that easy, he was in for a very unpleasant surprise.

“I told you,” he replied stubbornly. “We’re in transit. We drive until we’re told to stop. We sleep, and then we drive again. I know where we’ll be in a few days, though.”


“Sector thirteen.”

Warr nodded. They both knew the area. It was all rugged terrain—a handful of ruined and abandoned cities with a few usable roads. Only a few small beta villages were out that way, trying to eke out an existence from the scorched and barren landscape.

“I’m going to need coordinates.”

He stared at Warr. “I don’t have them. Their leader doesn’t trust me enough to share that kind of intel.”

“He suspects what you are?”

He. Warr thought the rebel leader was male.

Rett breathed an internal sigh of relief. The rest of the Tolath still hadn’t figured out that the rebellion army was nearly all female. And Warr didn’t know the leader he fought against and the scout he hunted for were one and the same.

They were both Max Hardy.

“No. It’s a personality conflict.” Rett shrugged. “But I have other sources.”

Warr rumbled in the back of his throat and demanded, “Definitely sector thirteen? Will Hardy be there?”

“She should be.” His eyes narrowed. “You’re hunting her.”

It wasn’t a question. It also didn’t bode well for Warr. Hardy was, no pun intended, a hard target, especially when surrounded by her soldiers.

It wasn’t that they idolized her… more that they all respected her. Looked up to her. Loved her. They knew she did what she did to keep them safe. The problem for the Tolath was that taking Hardy out wouldn’t stop them. They had a saying—a weird human one. Something about cutting the head off a snake and three growing back in its place. Physiologically that made no sense, not unless the snake was a mutant, but he got what they meant. If Hardy fell, another would take her place, then another and another.

Warr nodded. “I am. Do you know why she was in the citadel? For that matter, why the xarth are they even using females?”

Rett didn’t get a chance to answer. The high-pitched whine of surveillance drones brought his head up and around with a snap. They were out of time.

“Fuck,” he swore, already moving back the way he’d come, melting back into the darkness of the ruins as he yanked the hood of his jacket up to disguise his features. He couldn’t afford to be spotted out here and neither could Warr.

“We’re coming for them,” he heard the general say behind him. “Be ready.”

Rett didn’t answer, his steps silent as he made his way through the dark wilderness. War and General Warr were coming for the humans and he couldn’t stop them. The only thing he could do was get one of them—a very special one of them—out.

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