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Provocation (Temptation Series, #3)
Author: T.K. Leigh









Chains rattled against concrete in the long empty corridor as Domenic Jaskulski shuffled the best he could with the shackles around his ankles, two guards in front, two behind.

Nick could just barely make out the occasional, faint buzz of doors being opened and closed, but otherwise, it was relatively quiet in this area of the prison.

Or as quiet as anywhere in a prison could possibly be.

“You know the drill,” one of the obtuse guards grunted in an unrefined, Southern accent that gave all people from this part of the country the reputation of being an inbred hillbilly.

Nick had zero patience for those who had no desire to better themselves. To educate themselves. It made him wild with rage.

But he wouldn’t act on it.

It was important he not draw any attention to himself.

Otherwise, the plan to finally be reunited with his one true love would fall apart.

He couldn’t have that.

“Would you be so kind as to remind me of the drill again, Officer?” Nick asked, his voice exuding superiority and class. “I don’t believe I quite remember, as I’ve only been doing this very thing every week for the past several years.”

“Enough with the snotty remarks, jackass.”

The officer opened the door, practically pushing Nick into the room, causing him to stumble slightly. Grabbing his elbow, he dragged him toward the table where a man dressed in black sat, patiently waiting for their weekly spiritual advisement.

“But I do so enjoy our banter. I find our conversations quite…invigorating. Intellectually stimulating. Why, just last week, I was surprised to learn you knew the proper use of regardless, instead of using irregardless. I’ll be honest. Hearing some of your brethren utter that abomination makes me just…murderous.”

“Shut it, asswipe,” the officer ordered, all but shoving him onto the cold, metal chair. “Or I’ll revoke your visitation privileges for the next month, irregardless of whether it’s a clergy visit.”

The officer retrieved a key from his belt, forcing Nick’s hands on the table. With rough motions, he secured the cuffs to the bar in the center, shot Nick a glare, then retreated from the stark, cold room.

Unlike the other visitation rooms, there were no windows. No cameras. Nothing.

There couldn’t be. It wasn’t allowed when inmates met with their lawyers or spiritual advisors. It was truly the only place one could conduct any conversation in private.

And, for these conversations, privacy was essential.

Once the heavy door slammed shut, the buzz indicating it was locked, Nick slowly lifted his eyes to the young man sitting across the table, a leather-bound bible in front of him.

He pushed it toward Nick, who opened it to a book in The Old Testament. Leviticus, to be precise. When his eyes fell on a photo, his heart skipped a beat, a slow smile curving on his lips at the woman in the image.




“Forgive me, Father,” Nick began, slowly raising his gaze to meet a pair of clear, blue eyes, “for I believe you have sinned.”

The visitor’s lips twisted up in the corners, his devious grin nearly identical to Nick’s.

“You know what they say. Like father, like son.”







Was this what happiness felt like?

Considering it had been years since I’d experienced anything remotely close to it, I wasn’t sure.

But as my eyes slowly opened, the sun streaming into the bedroom of my house in the Chastain Park neighborhood of Atlanta illuminating Julia’s naked, slumbering form, I couldn’t remember ever being so at peace. My heart feeling so full.

We’d only been back on the mainland for ten days, so we were still in the honeymoon stage. With her daughter away at camp, Julia was able to spend every free minute at my house. Couple that with the All-Star Game being in Atlanta, along with a stretch of home games, it was as if nothing had changed.

Unfortunately, that all ended today.

In a few hours, I’d head to D.C. for a series of away games. And Julia would pick up her daughter from camp.

This new dynamic would certainly be an adjustment. I wasn’t going to worry about it, though. I had to trust it would all work out. That there was a reason our paths crossed in Hawaii.

This woman was my absolution. My redemption.

And in my soul, I felt I was hers.

“I can hear you thinking.”

Julia’s sleep-filled voice cut through the silence.

A low chuckle rumbled from my chest as I hooked my arm around her waist, pulling her body back against mine.

“You can hear me thinking?” I left a trail of kisses along her shoulder blade, focusing my attention on that spot where her neck met her shoulders, fully aware how much it drove her wild when I kissed her there.

“Always.” The word came out as a moan.

“Then what am I thinking?”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking. Just that you are.”

I circled my hips against her. “How about now?”

Her laughter filled the room. It should have seemed strange to hear such an endearing sound in a house that had never been home to anything resembling happiness.

But with Julia, it felt right.

“Okay. Now I know exactly what you’re thinking.” She wiggled against me, hardening my erection even more.

“You little tease.” I nipped at her neck.

She turned to face me, our eyes meeting. As I stared into those brilliant, green pools, my heart brimmed with an emotion I couldn’t even begin to understand.

For the past several weeks, I kept thinking I’d wake up and discover everything had been nothing more than a dream. That I’d imagined Julia.

But if this were a dream, I didn’t care. I didn’t need to live in the real world. I’d happily reside in this place of fantasies, as long as Julia remained here with me.

“I thought you liked it when I teased you.” She ran her fingers through my hair, nails digging into my scalp, setting me on fire.

“I don’t just like it.” I pushed her onto her back and hovered over her, smoothing a few auburn waves behind her ear. “I bloody love it. Crave it. Am desperate for it.” I lowered my mouth to hers. “I’m so damn desperate for you.”

“Then have me.”

With a needy groan, I positioned myself at her entrance before easing inside her. She arched her back, mouth opening in bliss.

It didn’t matter how many times we’d done this over the past few weeks. Every time felt different. A new way to experience her. A new way to cherish her.

I grabbed her wrists in my hands, pinning her arms over her head as I slowly and sensually rocked my hips against her.

“You’re a dream, love. A fucking perfect dream come true.” I covered her mouth with mine, swallowing her moans as I showed her how much I needed her in my life.

I wasn’t a fool, though.

We may have left Hawaii, but we were still in the clouds. Still enclosed in the bubble we’d constructed around ourselves during what was only supposed to be one week together.

But today, we had to return to earth. Had to face reality.

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