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Grave Injustice : Saved By Love
Author: Sharon Hamilton


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Personal tragedy lands Navy SEAL Armando Guzman into the pits of Hell. Were it not for his three-year-old son, this strong warrior would have ended his suffering with a bullet—either as a KIA or by his own hand.

She is his secret enemy; her heart is filled with revenge and hate.

Will their intense and feisty hookup-turned-relationship assure their mutual destruction, or are each of them the key to the other’s healing?

Book 3 of the SEAL Brotherhood Legacy Series. To read the original story of Armando Guzman and his family, read SEAL Under Covers, which takes place ten years prior to the new story.



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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. In many cases, liberties and intentional inaccuracies have been taken with rank, description of duties, locations and aspects of the SEAL community.

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I always dedicate my SEAL Brotherhood books to the brave men and women who defend our shores and keep us safe. Without their sacrifice, and that of their families—because a warrior’s fight always includes his or her family—I wouldn’t have the freedom and opportunity to make a living writing these stories. They sometimes pay the ultimate price so we can debate, argue, go have coffee with friends, raise our children and see them have children of their own.

One of my favorite tributes to warriors resides on many memorials, including one I saw honoring the fallen of WWII on an island in the Pacific:

“When you go home

Tell them of us, and say

For your tomorrow,

We gave our today.”

These are my stories created out of my own imagination. Anything that is inaccurately portrayed is either my mistake, or done intentionally to disguise something I might have overheard over a beer or in the corner of one of the hangouts along the Coronado Strand.



I support two main charities. Navy SEAL/UDT Museum operates in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Please learn about this wonderful museum, all run by active and former SEALs and their friends and families, and who rely on public support, not that of the U.S. Government.



I also support Wounded Warriors, who tirelessly bring together the warrior as well as the family members who are just learning to deal with their soldier’s condition and have nowhere to turn. It is a long path to becoming well, but I’ve seen first-hand what this organization does for its warriors and the families who love them. Please give what your heart tells you is right. If you cannot give, volunteer at one of the many service centers all over the United States. Get involved. Do something meaningful for someone who gave so much of themselves, to families who have paid the price for your freedom. You’ll find a family there unlike any other on the planet.




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SEAL Prayer



Chapter 1



Navy SEAL Armando Guzman was at the hospital with his wife, Gina, when he got the call from Kyle.

“We lost Erik today. I wanted you to know.”

“Christ, what happened?”

Ignoring the question, Kyle continued, “Christy will arrange for visits from the ladies with meals and offers for babysitting.”

Gina’s eyes fluttered as her head rolled from side to side. He could see she was either in pain from the cramping or upset at circumstances which brought them here. He quietly tiptoed into the bright hallway.

“Son of a bitch. How?” he whispered his demand.

Sounds of the floor call system blared in the background.

“Where are you?” Kyle asked.

“At the hospital. She lost the baby. Again.” He heard the waver in his own voice, and it pissed him off. “We thought the drugs would help this time, but she started bleeding then cramping. And, well, maybe it’s a blessing in the long…”

“God, Armando. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have called you.”

“No. How the hell would you have known? I’m glad you did. We were hoping, but we lost this battle. Not sure if we’ll try again. It’s Gina’s call.”

“Always is. She’s strong, Armando. And you guys have Artemis, after all. He’ll be a blessing to you.”

“Tell me how it happened.”

“It was a freak thing. They targeted him, saw his long gun, and knew he was our sniper. We thought he was covered well, but someone from the compound we were breaching spotted him before he could adjust his position. Took him right out. He did nothing wrong except not turn into an invisible man. We had a hell of a time getting inside. We got four wounded, but we got ’er done.”

“You got the warlord?”

“One of his own men capped him. I think it was an accident. They were scared shitless, running around, disorganized. But someone knew the score. Figured it out.”

“Did someone get the shooter?”

“He got away, along with two of the ten hostages. One was executed. We got the other seven back to Germany safe but really shook-up. It was a mess. They slaughtered most of the village. You could smell the burn pits from miles away.”

“I should have been there.”

“Nope. Don’t go doing that. Your place was at Gina’s side. This was Erik’s turn. He drew the card. You know how it goes, Armando. We don’t make all the rules; the enemy gets a vote. We just hope to get lucky enough to figure it out in time. Erik’s time ran out. If anyone is to blame, it’s me.”

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