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Conquered (Triple Canopy #6)
Author: Riley Edwards





I glared at the white plastic stick on my kitchen counter and counted down the minutes. It was crazy how a four-inch-long, innate object was going to decide my future.

Well, I suppose I needed to rewind—the one night I spent with Dylan Welsh was what would potentially change my life.

I took a sip of my coffee and prayed today wouldn’t be the last day I got to enjoy my morning shot of caffeine for the next seven or eight months. I knew nothing about pregnancy or motherhood beyond what most people knew, which was all secondhand. I didn’t keep up with the latest trends in pregnancy. For all I knew, researchers had found that caffeine didn’t harm the unborn.

That would be good news. I wasn’t a morning person, and taking that further, I wasn’t a noncaffeinated type of person. Shit could get dicey if I was denied my morning joe.

Yep, I was in such deep denial about the possibility of becoming a single mother I was fretting about coffee instead of the five billion other worries that would come with me being knocked up. For starters, I wasn’t with my potential baby’s father. And up until that actual horrifying, humiliating night of sex, I’d been crushing on Dylan for months. But that died a fiery death when he called me by another woman’s name while we were having sex. Now, I was avoiding him like the plague. No, not the plague, that wasn’t a strong enough word. My avoidance was a whole new level of avoidance and I’d been successful. I hadn’t seen him in a month even though my new office was in the same building he worked in.

I was damn proud of myself. There were days when I wanted to march into his office and demand an apology. Then there were days when I wanted to find him so I could punch him in the throat and watch him choke. But I didn’t do either.

I set my mug down next to the test and gave it my best hurry the fuck up mental glower and waited.

Maybe I should take another test. Maybe this one’s broken.

I glanced at the clock on my stove—one minute. What the hell, shouldn’t there be something?

The pounding on my door pulled my attention from the decidedly faulty test to the front door of my cottage. It was early, seven-oh-one-in-the-morning early. And the only person who would ever knock on my door this early was the gardener my landlord paid for. And Jessy would never pound.

I made my way through the small living room and opened the door.

Panic rose, but before it could take hold it quickly shifted to anger.


“We’re doing this, Sawyer,” Dylan growled.

Sawyer. That was my name, but damn it hurt to hear him say it.

Then to my absolute horror, he pushed his way into my home.

My sanctuary.

My space.

“We’re not doing anything, Dylan. Get out of my house.”

“We are,” he contradicted. “I gave you over a month. You sneaking in and out of work, sitting in your car until you think it’s safe to come inside, not leaving your office all damn day long. That shit ends. You giving me the silent treatment ends. You avoiding me ends. We’re talking this through.”

“You gave me,” I spat. “You. Gave. Me. A month. And now you’re done with me avoiding you?”

It was unfortunate my mind was on the verge of exploding, even more unfortunate that my feet were stuck and I didn’t jump on his back as he passed me on the way to the kitchen.

I knew the moment he saw the pregnancy test.

His shoulders snapped back and he froze.

Well, isn’t that just wonderful.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t going to tell him. If the test was positive, I would’ve told him. But if we’d dodged his swimmers fertilizing my egg, I wouldn’t have told him there’d been a scare. Partly because it would be unnecessary and partly because I’d planned on never speaking to him again.

Dylan craned his neck and gave me a scathing look over his shoulder as if I alone could get myself pregnant. As if he hadn’t willfully participated, albeit drunkenly. But up until the point where he’d called me Felicity, he’d been perfectly fine having sex with me.

“There something you want to tell me, Sawyer?”

His aim was true. He sank that verbal knife into my chest and twisted it. Whether he knew he’d done it or not, hearing him say my name hurt like a bitch. It hurt when he’d pushed his way in, it hurt even more now. Did he have to repeat my name so he didn’t forget it again, or was he making a point?

“I don’t know, Dylan, is there?” I sneered back.

The air in my tiny cottage went wired. His anger radiated from him, overtaking the normal peaceful vibe of my home. The happy atmosphere turned stifling and suffocating as his mood filled the room. It washed over me until I absorbed every bit of his rage and it mixed with my resentment and I did something I tried never to do. I let go of my temper and got ugly.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I snarled and took a step closer to him. “Don’t play the injured party. You don’t get to barge into my home and stand in my kitchen looking at me like I’m some sort of horrible person who did you wrong. You were all too happy to take me home and fuck me. I didn’t start that, you did. Now I’m not going to treat you to the same bullshit you’re treating me to and act like I wasn’t fully on board. I was, right up until the part where you called out another woman’s name while you were moving inside of me. Then in my shock, I endured the last of it until you finished. And I only did that because I was in such shock I wasn’t thinking clearly. Had I needed to I would’ve pushed you off and punched you in your dick. So, now that that’s all cleared up, there’s nothing to talk about unless that test says I’m pregnant. If that’s the case then at some point, we’ll need to have a conversation about the role you’ll play in your child’s life.”

His eyes narrowed and more fury tumbled off him.

“The role I’ll play?”

“Yes, the involvement you’ll have. Or not. The choice is yours.”

“The choice is mine?” he mimicked.

“Are you having a hard time with comprehension this morning?”

Welp, sarcasm wasn’t the way to go. Which was one of the reasons I kept a tight leash on my temper. When I got ugly, it was hard to turn it off, and I hadn’t begun to get down in the mud yet. And I was sensing by the way Dylan’s body was vibrating with anger that rolling in the mud with him wouldn’t end well.

“I’m not the one having an issue with grasping reality. You are if you think that I’d play a role in my child’s life. Like I’d sit back and watch you raise my child, and I wouldn’t actively participate in every single day of that child’s life. How’s that for involvement for you? There wouldn’t be a day that passed that I wouldn’t see my child.”

It was good to know that if I was pregnant Dylan wouldn’t leave me high and dry.

“That’s not what co-parenting is, Dylan. We’re not together. We’ll have to work out something that works for us and the baby. That is, if there is one.”

The three minutes since I peed on the test had to be up.

It was time.

The problem was that to get to the test I had to get close to Dylan. It wasn’t that I thought he’d hurt me; even though I was extremely irate with him, I still knew he wasn’t that sort of man. But still, being next to him would hurt me emotionally.

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