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Savage Daddy (MC Daddies #7)
Author: Laylah Roberts




There was a bunny on his front door step.

Sav stared down at the rabbit for a long moment. Its whiskers twitched as it sat there, undaunted by the large, tattooed biker glaring down at him.

“Where did you come from?” he murmured. As if he didn’t have a pretty good idea. He’d moved into this duplex a month ago. During that time, he’d managed to completely avoid the woman who lived next door.

Thankfully, she seemed to be on the same page.

He’d moved into this neighborhood because it wasn’t the sort of place where you greeted new people with a plate of cookies or asked them to join Neighborhood Watch.

This was the kind of place where you kept your head down and didn’t go out after dark unless you were armed or a big biker with an attitude.

It also wasn’t the sort of place where you came home to find pet rabbits sitting on your doorstep.

“Shoo,” he said, moving his hands around in the hope he’d scare the thing away.

It just stared back at him grumpily.

He swore the damn rabbit was giving him attitude. No one gave him attitude. Usually, his looks were enough to scare people away and if they weren’t, then his reputation did the rest.

He sighed, putting his hands on his hips.

“Listen, I’ve had a bad fucking day. All I want is to sit down in peace and have a beer. So, unless you want to end up as rabbit stew, I suggest you hop on back to your side of the fence.”

There was a horrified gasp and something small and dirty launched itself at his legs. He gaped at the short person currently smacking his thigh.

Then the kid drew back and kicked him in the shin making him hiss in pain.

“What the fuck!” He picked him up, holding the boy out in front of him as he tried to wriggle free.

He was filthy. His hair was filled with leaves and sticks. His face was more dirt than skin and his clothes were coated with even more mud.

Enraged brown eyes glared up at him. “Put me down!”

“You gonna keep hitting me?” Sav asked.

“You were gonna eat Cinnabun! You’re a big old ass-butt!”

“Well, first of all ass and butt are the same thing so you might want to work on your insults, kid. And secondly, I was only going to eat him if he didn’t get out of my way.”

“Oh my God!”

He grimaced. Great, just great. This damn rabbit had a lot to answer for.

Turning, he met the wide, brown eyes of his next-door neighbor. So much for avoiding her. All because of a damn rabbit and a scrappy kid.

His gaze took her in. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back into a low ponytail. She had big, brown eyes. Same as the kid. He’d heard them through the wall they shared. One of them, likely the child currently sitting on her hip and drooling, liked to wake up around three a.m. every morning.

How many kids did she have? And how old was she? She didn’t look that old, although she appeared tired with dark marks under her eyes, her cheeks sunken and pale.

The kid in her arms grabbed onto the top of her long, floral dress, which had buttons all the way down the front. It looked like it belonged on someone about fifty years old and thirty pounds heavier since it sat like a sack on her small frame.

She bit her lip nervously as she stared from the boy to him.

Oh right, he was still holding the scrapper up. That probably looked bad. Last thing he needed was her calling the cops, claiming he’d manhandled her kid.

“I know how this looks but I wasn’t hurting him.”

She still didn’t say anything.

“Here, I’ll put him down. No harm done.”

As soon as he set the kid down, he kicked him in the shin. In the exact same spot that he’d kicked him before.

Fucking hell.

That hurt.

He took in a sharp breath.

“Buster! No!” the woman scolded. “What are you doing? Why did you kick this . . . our . . . um, neighbor.”

“Because he said he was going to eat Cinnabun.”

“No, I wasn’t.” Fuck. All he wanted was a nice cool beer and to grill a steak. This day had already been completely shitty, he didn’t need this aggravation or a bruised shin to top it off.

“That’s what you said!” the boy cried.

How old was he? He was short. Maybe five? Sav didn’t exactly have a frame of reference, he didn’t know that many children.

“Kid, why would I want to eat that tiny rabbit when I have a perfectly good steak inside?”

“Steak? You eat meat?” The boy stared at him like he was Hannibal Lecter.

“Well, yeah.” What was wrong with eating meat?

The kid just kept staring at him. Then his lower lip started to wobble. “That steak was once a cow.”

“Buster,” the woman said gently. “Grab Cinnabun and come here.”

“But he killed a cow!”

Fuck. Why did he feel like a monster right now?

“I didn’t kill a cow, it was dead when I bought it from the supermarket. Lots of people eat meat.”

Fuck, what was he even saying? He didn’t know. He just wanted the kid with tears glistening in his big eyes to go away. And take the rabbit and his mother with him.

“Buster, come on. We’ve talked about this,” the woman said.

“I know. He still said he was gonna eat Cinnabun.”

“Yes . . . well . . .”

Great, she was staring at him now like he was a rabbit-killer as well.

He sighed. “It was just an expression. I was trying to get the rabbit to move away from my front door so I could go inside, drink some beer and eat my steak. I wasn’t going to actually eat it.”

“See, Buster? It was just a joke.”

“Why didn’t he start it with knock-knock?” Buster asked. “It’s not funny unless you say knock-knock first.”

“I know,” she said soothingly. “Can you grab Cinnabun? How did she get out of her cage, anyway?”

“I let her out. We were going explorin’, only he ran away.” The kid bent down and picked up the rabbit, holding him up. “Cinnabun, you know not to come over here. Especially now we know he likes to eat rabbits.”

“I don’t like to eat rabbits.”

How many times did he have to explain this?

Buster eyed him with suspicion.

He sighed.

“Come on, Buster. Head inside and take Cinnabun back to her cage,” the woman instructed gently. Instead of walking down to the end of their shared fence, Buster pushed his way through two broken boards. Sav would make sure he fixed those this weekend.

She brushed her hand down his hair as Buster walked past. Once he was gone, she turned back to Sav. Why he was still standing there, he didn’t know. But for some reason, he wanted to hear what she had to say.

“I’m really sorry that Buster bothered you.” Her eyes couldn’t meet his. She appeared nervous. Unsure. She hefted the baby up further on her hip. He kicked out his chubby legs.

For some ridiculous reason, Sav felt the urge to offer to take the baby. But that was just stupid.

He grunted in reply, unsure what to say.

Walk away.

He was really unused to dealing with women anymore. Sure, most of his friends now had women, but that was different. They belonged to his Iron Shadows brothers. Besides, they knew about him. His past.

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