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Strings Attached(4)
Author: Riley Hart

W laughed as I pressed the button for my floor. When we arrived, I hurried him down the hall, fumbling the key card until we were in the room. The second we got inside, we were on each other, a clash of bodies and lips, the slight hint of beer on his tongue as I swept his mouth with mine.

I held him against me, let my hands travel down to his tight ass that I couldn’t wait to be inside of. He whimpered into the kiss, strong hands on my neck and shoulders. My hunger for him seemed to be matched by his for me.

W grabbed for me when I pulled back, but I just dropped down.

“Oh shit. You were serious. Jesus, it’s hot to see you down there.”

“Be quiet. I’m trying to concentrate on your dick,” I said playfully, opening his pants, his bulge prominent. I shoved his jeans and underwear down, buried my nose in his trimmed, dark pubes, nuzzled his tight, high sac.

“Oh fuck. Suck me.” W’s hand knotted in my hair.

“Mmm. What if I want to play first? Tease you some? Make you go crazy before I swallow you down.”

His dick jerked, a pearl of precum at his slit. I ran my nose up the length of his shaft, then leaned back some and swiped my tongue so I almost touched him but didn’t.

“Oops. I missed.”

“Suck my dick!”

“So bossy.”

“Please, suck my dick.”

In response, I just ran my hands up and down his muscular thighs. The hair there was dark too, though it wasn’t thick. His cock twitched again. I wanted to taste all of him—everywhere. I wanted to swallow down his load, but I also didn’t want him to come until I was buried in his ass. “So…” I wrapped my fist around him. “Many…” Stroke. Watched as the muscles in his neck tightened. “Things I want to do to you.”

“Do them. All of them. Right now before I do them to you instead.”

My balls ached. My stomach felt light, but the desire for him was heavy and heady. As much as I wanted to draw this out, I was dying to taste him too.

I took W to the back of my throat. His skin was salty, his scent musky mixed with soap. He cried out, his hand in my hair tightening as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. I really loved sucking dick, had since the first time I’d done it. Each time his erection hit the back of my throat, I swallowed around him, let him use me as he fucked my face, visions dancing in my eyes of doing the same to him.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna come. If we don’t stop, I’m gonna lose it,” he panted.

I pulled off him with a pop, removed his shoes, and then his pants and underwear that had been around his thighs. When I shoved to my feet, W had already taken care of his shirt, and then he was kneeling, shaking fingers at my button and zipper.

We both worked to strip me out of my clothes, W not taking nearly as much time as I did before he swallowed my cock down. The hot, wet suction of his mouth made my whole body tighten and my muscles shake as I fought the urge to fuck into him.

His fingers dug into my ass, teased my crease, before he looked up at me, all doe-eyed, his hair hanging over his forehead, and for some reason, I had a flashback of his fierceness when he’d defended what he wanted to do with his life. He was…such a contradiction, and I craved knowing more even though that wouldn’t happen. I’d head back to Atlanta and never see him again.

As good as his mouth felt, I was dying to get inside him. “I want your ass,” I gritted out. He must have been just as eager because a second later he was on his feet. I swatted his left butt cheek. “Get on the bed.”

“Wow…I kind of feel like you’re going for that whole daddy vibe right now.” He wagged his eyebrows.

“Oh God no. Please don’t say that.” I wasn’t the guy to knock anyone else’s kink, but being called daddy wasn’t mine. I actually wanted to forget the seventeen-year age difference between us and just focus on enjoying W.

“It’s hot in porn,” he added, “but not my thing in real life.” Still, he did as I said and walked over to the bed, his dick bobbing up and down. I got a condom and lube from my bag—because even though this hadn’t been my plan when I’d come to Chapel Hill, it was never bad to be prepared. That’s what I’d told my son from day one. Sex was fun and felt good, and it was hard to walk away from it when you and the other person both wanted it. I’d basically taken out stock in a condom company when he was a teenager, always wanting him to know that when he was ready, both he and his partner should be protected. I didn’t regret having him and never would, but the timing could have been better, and I’d wanted more for him.

W lay on his back, slowly stroking his erection. I nearly stumbled at the sight, my sac tightening. He was beautiful, and Christ, did I want him.

I tossed the supplies onto the mattress, climbed on top of him, looking down before kissing him. We rutted against each other, flesh on flesh, hot cock against hot cock, my mouth devouring his the whole time.

His hands traveled down my body, over the hills of my ass and then back up again. W wrapped his legs around me and said, “You’ve got a hot body.”

“I like to run.”

He grinned. “That’s funny. Me too.”

“In a different world, maybe we’d jog together sometime.”

He shrugged. “Maybe.”

After leaning down for one more kiss, I pushed up to my knees. My cock was leaking, eager and ready to be in his ass. I slicked my fingers with lube, pushed one inside while W held his legs back.

“Yeah, fuck yeah. You can push two in. I use a dildo fairly often, so it shouldn’t take much to get me ready.”

Lust shot through me. “I wish I could see that. But what if I just want to play?” I thrust two fingers inside, fucking W with them, twisting them and rubbing his taint with my thumb.

“Doesn’t your dick want to play?” He jerked me while I finger-fucked him, going from two fingers to three to holy shit, if I didn’t get my cock inside him soon, I might disintegrate until I didn’t exist anymore.

“On your knees, Baggins.” I swatted his thigh.

W laughed. “Oh my God. Fuck you. I said the literary thing was a bad idea.”

He turned into position as I suited up and slicked my cock. He was bent over, his back perfectly arched, legs spread, balls hanging between, and I was struck stupid for a moment. Like I suddenly didn’t know what to do. He was one of the most beautiful men I’d ever been with, if not holding the top spot. “Are you teaching English?” I asked, which was a ridiculous question in this moment. I had a gorgeous man naked in my bed and offering me his hole, and that’s what I focused on?

W looked over his shoulder at me and frowned. “Sixth grade, yes.” We stayed there a moment, staring at each other. He cleared his throat. “Are we doing this or not?”

I answered by pressing my dick against his rim and pushing. He was so fucking hot and tight, a lubed fist around me, making my vision blur.

“Yes…God…fuck yes,” he said over and over.

I got halfway in before I held his hips and filled him with one final thrust. W called out, asking for more, shoving back toward me so he could fuck himself on my cock.

As much as I wanted to, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Sliding one hand around him, I stroked his dick in unison with each pump of my hips.

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