Doctor Daddy’s Broken Little by Scott Wylder




"So, did you hear about Natalie and Jasper?" asked Cassie as we approached the playgroup party.  "Apparently, they've been together ever since they stopped attending the parties."  I couldn't help but feel disgusted as I shook my head in response.

It was typical of Natalie to always come out on top, regardless of whatever situation she found herself in.  In all honesty, the fact that things worked out so well for her really made me sick, especially since she stole Matthew from me over a year ago.  Hearing that she had locked down a Daddy long before the rest of us really got under my skin.

Her trouble with Matthew started a year ago when I finally admitted to having a crush on him.  She claimed that she was going to talk to him and see if he liked me, and, instead, she stole him and made him hers.  The only part about this that made me feel better about the whole situation is the fact that he dumped her the following day, and I quickly learned that he wasn't a one Little Daddy.

Over the last year, I hadn't ever forgiven her for what she did, and I only tolerated her presence to be polite.  However, it hadn't been easy.  She flirted with every Daddy she came in contact with, building a reputation for herself and ruining the chances of the rest of us ever finding a Daddy thanks to her improper behavior.  Overall, she made me sick.

"Well, that doesn't sound like that'll last long," I retorted as we reached the door of the party.  "Anyways, I can't stay at this party too long.  I have to go to work in the morning.  Why did you want me to come here again?"  Immediately, a mischievous smile spread across Cassie's face, and she shrugged as she prepared to open the door.

"Oh, no reason," she lied, trying too hard to sound innocent as she spoke.  "You just look like you need a night out.  You know?"  Immediately, I felt suspicious of her kind gesture, and I was already starting to get a bad feeling about it.

As soon as the door opened, I found myself surrounded by people, Daddies and Littles alike, and they were all staring at me.  At first, I was confused, but, after seeing the balloons and streamers, I realized exactly what they were throwing a birthday party.  After reading the banner on the wall, I realized it was my birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Nina!" everyone shouted at once, and I winced as I absorbed the scene before me.

Right, it was my twenty-fourth birthday, the fateful birthday.  I was officially at the age most Littles without Daddies either considered growing up and sticking to being regular functioning members of society or became absolutely desperate to get a Daddy.  Either way, the twenty-fourth birthday usually turned out to be the most stressful for Littles.

I was flattered that the entire party was a birthday party in my honor, but I was also worried about the effects the knowledge of my birthday would have on the Daddies in attendance.  While most single Littles struggled at this age, even taken ones stressed out because of how often they were replaced with much younger Littles.  This could easily be the worst thing to ever happen to me and keep me from finding a Daddy.

Despite my fears and worries, I knew that they meant well, and I couldn't hate any of the people who had gone through and set this up for me.  It didn't seem fair.  So, rather getting annoyed, I swallowed my pride and gave them a gentle smile.

"Awww," I cooed as I looked around at the display around me.  "Thank you so much you guys.  I can't believe you did this for me."  Next to me, Lindsey waved a hand dismissively at me.

"Don't thank us," she said as she smiled at me.  "It was all Cassie's idea."  Immediately, I turned to look at Cassie, and my heart sank.

She was watching me closely with a knowing look on her face, and I knew why she had done this.  I should have seen it coming, especially since she was the main mastermind behind spreading the rumors about Natalie in the first place.  Despite everything she had told me, she was still the conniving woman who had backstabbed another Little who threatened her.  Now, it was my turn.

"Thanks for everything, Cassie," I said as I forced a smile in her direction.  "How ever can I thank you?"  She smirked as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

"You can thank me later," she replied, equally as forced in the politeness I had used with her.  "Now, you should go enjoy yourself.  Everyone's here for you."  Seeing that the end of our temporary friendship had come, I nodded and started towards the middle of the group, navigating my way through the group gathered around us.

Not only had Cassie made everyone aware of my birthday, but, as I suspected, she had told them about my age.  As I made my way through the party, many people congratulated me on my birthday, but I saw exactly what they were thinking.  The more I received the looks of judgement from each party goer, the more uncomfortable I became.

The part that made me feel even worse was the fact that Matthew was already watching me.  I still didn't like him because of his reputation since everything that happened in the last year.  Before I could even turn away and escape, he raised a hand to catch my attention.

"Nina!" he called out, waving to get my attention.  "Nina, over here!"  Wincing, I took a deep breath and turned to smile at him.

"Hey, Matthew," I replied, cringing as I spoke to him.  "How have you been?"  After seeing the way he smiled at me, I knew I had made a terrible mistake.