The Desire Series by Jordan Silver


Ispread my legs wider and shook my head from side to side on the pillow, biting into my lip to hide my screams of pleasure as the head between my thighs moved back and forth, and that tongue did amazing things to my pussy.

My tummy tightened as I felt yet another orgasm rush through me, and he lapped up my juices before shoving his tongue back inside me for more. It was the first time we’d had such leisure, the first time he’d eaten my pussy so well because we didn’t have to hurry.

I tugged on my nipples as my hips lifted off the bed, and he grabbed my ass in his hands and brought me closer to his mouth. When I felt my body begin to shake with the onslaught of another orgasm, my fingers gripped his too-long hair as I tried to pull him even closer.

I didn’t want the wild, untamed feelings ever to end, to lose his tongue from my depths, but I wanted to feel him inside me now, filling me up with his wonderful cock. My legs trembled at the thought and the remembered feeling of bliss I always get when he takes me.

I tugged on his hair in a silent plea for him to come to me. He pulled his tongue out of me and nibbled on my inner thighs teasingly before easing up my body beneath the covers that had hidden his head from view just a few seconds ago.

“Open your mouth!” I did as he ordered and tasted my pussy on his tongue when he forced it past my lips. I held my breath and awaited the now familiar feeling of the cold precum covered tip of his cock as it sought entrance into my hot tight body.

He teased me there a little, letting the hard ridge that ran along the bottom of his cock rub back and forth along my clit. On the last downward slide, he let his cock find my slit and started to ease it into me.

I exhaled a harsh breath as I felt his length slipping into me, once again marveling at the fact I could take all of him inside my much smaller body. It’s only the fourth or fifth time we’ve done this, but already I’m so familiar with that sweet burn I get from him stretching me, and I craved it.

It’s like I’ve become obsessed with feeling the pain of his too-large dick stretching me, and I want it all the time now. I want the ache I feel between my thighs as I sit at the breakfast table with the others that had no idea of what had happened here in my bed the night before.

I imagined the way our bodies looked as they moved together, and my pussy grew hot. I imagined owning his cock for myself, never having to share it with anyone, that he’d forget all the others he had before and choose only me.

My moans were growing louder as he started fucking me hard, and he covered my mouth with his hand, as he looked down into my eyes in the moonlight and fucked into me nice and slow so that the bed didn’t squeak.

We couldn’t have that, couldn’t alert the rest of the house to the fact that we were engaged in this illicit act. We both knew we were taking a risk, but the need, the pull was sometimes too strong. The only reason it was only our fifth time in three days is because of that need for secrecy.

Usually, there was too much movement in the house, too many different bedtimes for the home’s occupants. But with the snowstorm that had come through a few hours ago, knocking out the power and shrouding the place in darkness, we’d caught a break.

He’d snuck into my room mere minutes after everyone had decided it was best to go to bed early since no one had remembered to buy candles or oil for the old fashioned lamps mom likes to keep around for show.

I stopped thinking about anything else as I felt his cock reaching deep inside me. The way he looked at me made the blood heat in my veins, and the pleasure between my thighs intensified with each slow thrust.

I didn’t blink, and neither did he as I felt his cock swell even more inside me. I was so wet, wetter than the other times even. It was the whole idea of the house being awake in the dark as we fucked each other blind. I could even hear the din of voices coming from down the hall.

“Your pussy’s so wet.” He whispered the words in my ears, and his lip touched the very tip sending shivers down my spine. I clutched at him harder, digging my nails into his back, making him hiss as he licked my cheek.

I couldn’t believe how different he was here in bed. So sexily gentle, yet so manly. Nothing at all like the boy I pass every day in the hallways of the local high school. There he’s the golden boy all the girls are after—the standoffish captain of the football team that all the boys emulate in one way or another.

He barely used to notice me there before and wasn’t much better at home. Not that he was cold to me, or anything, but he had his own life, his own friends, likes and dislikes, and I had mine. Unless you asked, you’d never know we lived in the same house as much as he looked right through me when we were out in public.

It never used to bother me before, not in the beginning at least. But somewhere down the line, things changed, and I started seeing him in a new light. The constant need before he noticed me had been driving me mad. Being that close to him and not being able to have him had been pure torture.

And now here we are, with him deep inside me, owning my body the way I’m sure no one else ever will. I can’t imagine that anyone else could take me to such heights, or make me feel such pleasure. I doubt my pussy would ever get this wet for another man.

That’s because no one else makes my heart beat the way he does; no one puts that ball of fire in the pit of my gut like he can by just walking into a room. I wrapped my legs around him now, pulling him closer as the sweet pain built between my thighs, and I knew I was cumming for about the tenth time since we started.

* * *


* * *

As I slidmy cock in and out of her, I couldn’t control my feelings. I’ve been trying hard for weeks now not to let them become too entangled because I know this wasn’t going anywhere, but it’s been getting harder and harder for me.

I think it’s because of the way we started out, the bond we had before, that’s why it was so easy for her to climb into my heart when she wasn’t supposed to be there. Being inside her is a whole new experience for me, unlike any I’ve shared before.

With her, it’s more than just a fuck, more than getting my rocks off before moving onto the next. Thoughts of forever and happily ever after tease my mind when we’re together like this. And it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore them.

Words burn my tongue, words that I know would take us to a different place, but I won’t say them yet, not until I’m absolutely sure. Because once I open up that door, there will be no turning back, no walking away from this.

My mind shied away from those deep thoughts as my body took over, and all I cared about was the feel of my cock as it moved in and out of the most beautiful girl in the world. My heart tripped in my chest as I looked down at her in the dark, and all those emotions I’m trying so hard to keep at bay rose up and filled me with sudden warmth.

There was an added element of excitement tonight; it’s because, for the first time, I was fucking her before everyone else had gone to bed. Usually, we’d have to wait until the house was silent with our parents asleep and the new baby they’d just had down for the night.

I’d lay in bed either stroking my cock in preparation or holding my balls because it was taking too long, and it was beginning to hurt. But tonight, tonight had all the right elements. It was pitch black in the room and outside like we were in our own little cocoon.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to my chest as I let my hips grind into hers, driving my cock, the cock that had drawn her to my bed, into her deeper and deeper.

I guess it’s no coincidence that she’s the only girl who’d ever been able to tame my cock. At eleven and a half inches, not many high school girls were able to take him without some pain and discomfort, though they all kept coming back for more. But Lora is the first girl ever whose pussy seemed to have an added secret compartment that actually opened up and let me in.

It took me a while to realize that I was womb fucking her. That the weird pain she tried to describe after the second time I did that shit was the pain of having her cervix fucked into. And now I’m hooked on that shit.

A night doesn’t go by that we don’t end every fuck session with a good deep womb fuck, and tonight will be no different, but that’s for later, we’re only just getting started. “You make me wet!” She took my lips hungrily as she moved her hips up to meet mine before moving her ass in what felt like figure eights around my cock.

That’s another thing; she can fuck. She doesn’t just lay there making fuck-me noises like some, she actually gets into it, which always makes me want to cum too soon. Like now! We’d only been at it for about ten minutes, and already I was ready to offload inside her.

Tonight in my haste, I’d forgotten to grab a condom, so I was fucking my eighteen-year-old lover raw. Even that made my cock harder, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming inside her, deep inside her, as she whispered how much she loved me in my ear.