Daddy’s Enticing Little Princess by Scott Wylder




I hand the check to my uncle, who’s also my lawyer, and he smiles proudly at me. “I know this is hard, Sweetie,” he says. “But you’re doing it anyway and I’m very proud of you.”

I smile and say, “Only twenty-three more payments and it’s finally over.”

He nods. “Not only over but then the judge dismisses the case with prejudice and since you were never booked, you won’t even have an arrest record.”

“All because I have the best lawyer in the world,” I say with a bittersweet smile.

“Will you reconsider?” he asks. “Will you let me pay this off for you?”

“Not a chance,” I reply. I walk around his desk and give him a big hug. “But thank you, Uncle Rick. I love you.”

“But if you did, you could quit your second job. You could pay me back slowly.”

“Still not a chance and I still love you, Uncle Rick.”

He sighs and says, “Okay but there are fifty-six more weeks when you drop this off and I try to convince you. How about you just let me take the next two payments so you have Christmas money?”

“Goodbye, wonderful and lovable Uncle Rick,” I say.

I step out of his office and see Serafina, my best friend. She’s Uncle Rick’s secretary and studying to be a paralegal. “Ready for your big date?” she asks.

I almost let out a stream of giggles. “God, Fi, I don’t even know his name! Sara Jean didn’t tell me and I’m too embarrassed to ask.”

Fi smiles and says, “That’s okay. You can just call him Daddy.” This time, I can’t hold the giggles back. She says, “I’m glad you’re trying the Daddy thing. That way I don’t have to.”

“You told me you thought it was sexy,” I say with a giggle.

“Yeah, I mean you try it and then I’ll know whether or not I want to try it.”

“I’m so happy I get to be your little experiment.”

“Don’t you mean little girl?” she asks and then she points at me and says with a laugh, “You’re blushing!”

“Bitch,” I giggle.

She laughs and says, “I’ll walk you to your car.”

As we walk, I say, “You know, you’re the only one in my life who knows about all this stuff.”

“What are you talking about? Sara Jean didn’t set you up with a Daddy on accident.”

“Not that,” I say as we step out of the office and head to the elevator. “I mean all these payments. Most of my friends don’t even know I have a second job.”

“All of that stuff happened a long time ago, Tabby. You should stop feeling ashamed of it. You’re totally making it right and anyone who would think badly about you doesn’t deserve to be your friend in the first place.”

“You’re a pretty good best friend,” I say as we step into the elevator. The conversation stops for a moment because there are two other people in the elevator. It resumes when we step out of the building.

“And you’re the best best friend,” she replies. “Do you need to practice moaning while calling him Daddy? I can listen and give pointers.”

“Jesus!” I say. “Is sex all you ever think about?”

“Yep,” she replies. “So?”

I give her a kiss goodbye and drive away. I giggle about her comments most of the way. When I get home, I lay out clothes and take a shower. Maybe it’s because of all her comments but the water jetting over my body feels a lot like a million caresses. Before I know it, my hands are doing some actual caressing. They run over my breasts and even in the heat of the shower with steam rising everywhere, my nipples are hard as hell.

I roll my nipples between a thumb and forefinger and it sends sensations through my body that are very strong, almost like I’d already been touching myself for a while now. It almost feels like I’m rubbing my clit. As I roll and pinch my nipples, I slowly back up. As I do, it adjusts my body so a jet streaming between my breasts instead moves down until it’s spraying over my navel and then lower. A quick adjustment of my hits makes the jet hit my clit directly.

I gasp and then moan, “Oh, Daddy! Yes! Daddy!” I envision a man with a nice, strong body and I imagine his hands moving over me. “Oh, Neil!” I say.

God, I wish I could envision Neil’s face!

The water at my clit in intense and I continue to make comments.

“Daddy, yes!”

“Oh, Neil, it feels so good.”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll be your good little girl.”

“Oh God!”

When my orgasm hits, it hits me powerfully enough I almost slip on the wet tub floor. I managed to slide down until I’m sitting and while the shower covers my face and breasts with water, I thrust fingers into myself. I can’t speak but I still repeat, “Daddy! Daddy, yes!” in my head as I move my fingers hard and fast and do all I can to drive the orgasm.

Eventually, I can’t move anymore and I just lay at the bottom of the tub with the water still jetting down and driving my nipples (and therefore, my pussy) absolutely wild. I end up just remaining there until finally, the water cools down and with it, the orgasm. I end up taking a cold shower, a real shower where I actually wash up.

As I dry off and get dressed, I realize I’m still horny as hell. Maybe the cold water just reset me. Who knows? I don’t masturbate very often. I mean, I like sex but I’m rarely turned on enough to do anything about it.

I guess this Daddy thing is getting to me.

At about five forty-five, I hear a weird knocking sound. When I open the door, Sara Jean and her Daddy, Jackson are there. Jackson holds a hammer. The weird sound turned out to be him nailing a hanger in my front door. Sara Jean smiles and says, “Early Christmas Present,” as she hangs a wreathe on the hanger.

“Thanks,” I say with a laugh.

“Let’s go see your future Daddy,” she says.

“Little girl,” Jackson warns, and it turns me on. Not Jackson. It turns me on to think about a Daddy correcting me.

“Sorry,” she says. “I’ll try to be good, Daddy.”

“You are good, little girl,” he replies. “Let’s go.”

“Is he in the car?” I ask hopefully.

“Nope,” Sara says. “Your fu… Um, Neil is going to meet us at the club.”

“Okay,” I say. The nerves start but thankfully, Sara Jean sits in the back seat with me and holds my hand as her Daddy drives us to the club.