Bad Bear Day by Milly Taiden

Chapter Six

Austin stood before her, and Jasmine admired his build while she basked in the post-orgasmic afterglow.

She’d never had such a talented man’s tongue on her before, and though she’d just climaxed, her body still hummed with eagerness to find out what other talents Austin had.

Austin’s magnificent cock stood hard and at the ready, and she licked her lips in anticipation.

As much as Jasmine wanted to feel that cock nestled deep in her pussy, she also wanted a moment for him to pause and her to explore him, pleasure him.

Jasmine sat up and crooked a finger, instructing him to step closer.

“What is this?” he asked with a chuckle when she reached out and stroked his cock with one light finger before grasping it in both hands.

“A trap for big throbbing cocks,” she purred up at him.

“All right…” he said, trailing off while letting her do as she wished.

She stood from the bed and walked around him, touching the muscles of his arms, his back, his ass… before returning in front of him and pressing her lips to his pec muscles.

“Jasmine…” he hissed while she continued to kiss his chest, lower and lower and lower until she knelt before him again. “You look so delicious,” he growled.

“So do you.”

Jasmine recaptured his cock in her hands, wrapping her lips around the head and using her tongue to massage it while lapping up the droplets that had gathered. While holding it steady with one hand, she then licked the underside of his shaft, from tip to root. Austin groaned and reached a hand out to palm the back of her head.

She continued licking — teasing — until his grip tightened in her hair. Then, slowly, she took him into her mouth as deep as she could.

She repeated this, over and over, the licking, teasing, then the deep-throating. Jasmine kept focused on his gaze, letting him know for certain that he was being paid attention to. She pulled off him for a moment, one hand on his shaft, the other cupping his balls.

“Looks like I’ve got you right where I want you, big man,” she teased.

“Oh, is that so?” He moved swiftly, gathering her in his arms to her delighted gasp.

In the next moment, they were in bed together, bodies laid out, pressed against each other. He held her in his strong arms, and they kissed while their naked bodies writhed against each other. His large cock pressed into her stomach, and she lifted a leg to his hip, needing him to finally enter her.

As if understanding her growing urgency, he stretched across the bed and fished a condom out from his side table. She took it from him and opened the wrapper, sliding it on. “I’m leading tonight, remember?” she crooned.

“I’m sorry, I’d forgotten,” he said, smiling and lacing his fingers behind his head, settling on his back against his pillows. “Please, do as you will.”

She needed no more invitation. She straddled him, holding his cock straight beneath her and rubbing it along her wet pussy. “You like that?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, his eyes glistening while he restrained himself with a strength that only a man entirely in control of himself could do.

What if he is different? she wondered. Here he is, actually allowing me to have my way with him… Jasmine pushed the thoughts out of her mind. It was just sex. Enjoy the night, don’t think more into it.

To help herself return to focus, she sheathed herself on him, letting his huge cock fill her. She grabbed his hands and moved them to her breasts, guiding him to squeeze and pinch while she started to ride him.

He grunted in pleasure, rocking his hips with her but still letting her have the lead. When she reached down to her clit, he hissed out his approval. “Yes, play with yourself on me.”

She did, riding him with abandon while rubbing herself into another climax. She cried out when she reached it, and then she bounced slowly and roughly as the waves of pleasure rocked through her.

Then she allowed herself to fall on top of him. He cradled her in his arms, and it took her a moment to realize that his hips were still moving. He was ever so slowly and gently still continuing to fuck her while her body basked in the second afterglow of the evening.

“Are you done?” he asked.

“No.” She shook her head and rolled off him, settling her back into his bed. She spread her legs and arms wide open. “I’m passing the lead on to you now. Fuck me, Austin. Fuck me good.”

His mouth quirked into a devilish smile, and he was immediately on his knees, pulling her down by her hips until her ass slammed into his thighs. He pushed her legs up, keeping a strong grip on her thighs while guiding his cock into her.

She felt such sweet relief to have him return to her, and she rolled her head back to allow herself full enjoyment. Then, he began thrusting. With one of her legs resting on his shoulder and the other pinned in his hand, he leaned over her and pounded hard.

“Oh, shit,” he cried, fucking her harder and faster.

“Yes, Austin,” she moaned while the motion bounced her heavy breasts and shook the whole bed.

She placed her hands on either side of his jaw, watching his pleasure-drunk eyes as they locked in on her. Then she grabbed his head and pulled him down to kiss her. Her leg fell from his shoulder and was trapped between them while he continued to move in and out of her body.

He slowed during their kiss, allowing her to feel the entire length of him all the way inside of her and all the way out, again and again.

She moaned against his lips.

He pulled back to a kneeling position again and began to work fast.

Her body, already having been through two orgasms, was primed for a third. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he pounded her, and her pussy clenched hard as she moved closer to climax, nearly tightening up enough to push him out.

He didn’t allow it, though, and he hovered down closer to her, kissing her and fucking her more slowly, prolonging the climb.

When her body shook in orgasm again, he kissed her more deeply, plunging into her quivering womanhood, her pussy milking his cock while he thrust.

He pumped harder, faster and faster, holding one hand on her thigh, pushing her leg to the side to open her wide. With his other hand on her hip, he held her still while he rode her toward his climax, his gaze going from her eyes to her tits, to the place where their bodies met. He gasped and groaned, and she reveled in the sounds of his passion.

Then, with a final cry, a final massive thrust, she knew his body had made it there. His body moved ever so slightly while his cock finished, and she momentarily lamented the condom, wishing she could feel his heat erupting inside her.

He pushed into her slowly, gently, while her still throbbing pussy welcomed him.

She embraced him while he came and continued to hold him when he finally pulled out. They lay there panting for a time, sweat mingling as it cooled. He finally rolled over, lying next to her, gently stroking her hair, one hand across her belly.

Jasmine chuckled. “So, that was really amazing.”


“Kiss me.”

And so he did.