Bad Bear Day by Milly Taiden

Chapter Five

Austin felt strange escorting Jasmine into his condo complex.

The occasion felt momentous. His mate was about to see where he lived.

Not to mention, he sort of felt guilty. He hadn’t lied to her when he told her he’d let her take the lead, but he’d left out the fact that he wasn’t letting her slip quietly away after that night.

It just wasn’t in his nature to let his mate disappear.

He’d had to sit there at dinner and act like a civilized man while she told him they had no future.

While his mate told him she had no intention of seeing him again.

The bear inside of him wanted to roar at that. Wanted to toss her over his shoulder and abscond with her to one of his family’s cabins, locking her up until she saw that he was the man for her.

Of course, he didn’t do that.

But since that moment, he’d wondered how he could change her mind without scaring her off — without acting possessive, though he certainly felt that way.

He could just tell her, right? That he was a bear shifter, and shifters had this thing called mates, and that she was his. That he’d do anything for her because she was all he, and his bear, wanted in the whole world?

No. Austin couldn’t do that. Jasmine hadn’t done anything to show she knew anything about shifters, so bringing it up would just add another level of complication on top of an already confusing situation.

Instead, he stood by his word, allowing her to take the lead.

Once they entered his building, he felt exposed. There was no more hiding his wealth. Not that he had been hiding it, exactly, more like he hadn’t mentioned it.

How would Jasmine react?

There was no denying that it took a good deal of income to afford a condominium like his. The lobby featured marble floors and columns stretching up twenty feet to the vaulted ceiling covered in a mosaic art piece featuring notable philanthropists through history.

The doormen, stewards, and security guards all wore uniforms with polished brass buttons, with additional pauldrons for the doormen. Everyone was well compensated for their flavor, and it showed on their faces.

Jasmine paused a few steps into the lobby to soak it all in.

“Nice place you got here,” she said with a chuckle.

“My condo flat isn’t nearly as impressive as all of this.”

“Have you lived here long?”

“A few years now. Why?”

“Are you a hitman or an assassin?”

He laughed. “No, but I sometimes voice one on TV.”

They entered the elevator, and he punched the button to the top floor. The moment the doors slid closed, Jasmine grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to her mouth. Her kiss was aggressive, despite the fact he had nearly two feet of height and probably two hundred pounds on her.

Austin was surprised by her enthusiasm, but he and his bear side lavished in his mate showing him how strong her attraction to him was.

Yeah, you say we only have tonight, but I’m about to make this a night you can’t forget. And you’ll be back before you know it.

He started giving as good as he got. He pushed his tongue inside her warm mouth. She moaned softly into him, melted her body into his. Her soft curves felt good against his body. Very good. His cock throbbed, pushing hard against the confines of his trousers until he knew she could feel it.

The elevator dinged to let them know they reached the top floor, but they didn’t break away from each other until the doors opened. Then, he took Jasmine’s hand in his and led her down the short hallway to his condo.

He unlocked and opened the door and stepped back to allow Jasmine to enter before him. He followed her, trying to play it relaxed and casual as she looked around.

“So, what do you think?” he asked.

“Nice,” she nodded, clearly either at a loss for words or downplaying her thoughts.


“But not as nice as you.” She turned to him, smiling warmly, her eyes still smoldering from their elevator kiss.

“I’m nice?” He had to laugh. “That’s what brought you up here?”

She swaggered over to him, running her hand along his embroidered lapel. “You’re a nice guy dressed as a villain. That’s some kind of kink, right? The evil guy who really, underneath it all, is out for the better good?”

His words came out as merely a breath. “How do you know I do good for the world?”

“Tell me you don’t.”

“I don’t have nearly the long list of charities I volunteer my time for as you do.”

“Then how about you just pretend, for me, tonight?”

Anything for you,” he said before pulling her into his arms.

They kissed, and their arms worked frantically to remove their costumes, though somewhere in the heat and the passion, they both knew well enough not to let the items crumple to the floor.

Kiss on the mouth.

Remove jacket and drape over the couch.

Kiss her neck while she removes her robe and jumpsuit.

Grab a handful of breasts through her black bra, and listen to her moan my name while she removes her wig…

At that, he stepped back, admiring her natural black wavy hair for the first time. As she stood there in his living room, in only her bra and panties, she took his breath away. He wanted to run his hand along every single curve and cup her beautiful round face at the same time.

“Like what you see?” she purred.

“Oh yes,” he said with enthusiasm. “Very much so.”


She moved into him, putting her hands on his chest. She kneaded and squeezed his flesh while she unbuttoned the shirt and removed the tie. Then he clapped a hand to the small of her back and pulled her in tight.

“Is that your phone in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?”

“Here’s a hint.”

He grabbed her under the thigh, fingers gripping the pliant, smooth flesh while lifting her leg, hitching it toward his hip, and rubbing his hard cock against her.

She tossed her head back, her beautiful black hair tumbling down like a waterfall, her supple breasts pushed toward him, fully exposed except that they were still confined under her bra.

He accepted her like an offering, one arm wrapped around her waist to hold her up while he kissed her breasts.

She righted herself, wrapping her arms around his neck, starring into his eyes before kissing him softly and deeply. “Take off your pants.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, quickly but carefully removing his white trousers and dropping them with the other pieces of his costume.

He stood before her in just his boxer briefs, accepting her admiring gaze.

“Where’s the bedroom?” she asked in a whisper.

He gestured with his chin. She smiled, turned, and walked toward the room. He stayed back, admiring the view of her luscious hips swaying, the lace of her panties framing her delectable ass.

She looked over her shoulder at him, reaching up to unclasp her bra while she asked, “You coming?”

He followed, and they both crossed the threshold before he enveloped her in his arms, tugging the bra off so he could pull her bare back against his chest and wrap his arms around her.

He caressed her breasts with one hand and used the other to touch all over her soft abdomen and down her thighs.

She gasped and moaned as he kissed her neck and her shoulders and dipped his hand between her legs, pushing the fabric of her panties aside so he could stroke her wet pussy.

“Austin,” she groaned while grinding her ass into his cock.

“You like that?” he asked, his fingers finding her clit and rubbing while she gyrated against him.

“Yeah…” her breathlessness told him all he needed to know.

Her panties had become thoroughly soaked, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He lifted her in his arms and carried her the last few steps to the bed, laying her on it. Then he pushed her knees apart, kneeling as he did so, his face lined up with her pussy.

“You have gorgeous legs,” he growled, rubbing and kissing them before burying his face between them.

The warm, musky scent of her flooded his nostrils. His bear pushed him to claim her right then and there, but he maintained control.

Austin rubbed his face on her panties, then hooked his teeth over the top hem. She moaned as he tugged the garment down with his teeth until they reached her plump thighs. She closed her legs so he could grasp the fabric with his hands, pulling them down to her knees, then to her ankles, and finally doffed them completely.

Austin placed his hand on her leg, sliding his fingers between her thighs. She squeezed them all the tighter, laughing as she did so. Austin grinned and added a second hand to the effort. He pried her legs apart at last, and she gave an urgent moan which only encouraged him further.

Austin buried his face in her sweet pussy, rubbing his expert tongue all along her, from tip to tail, before settling on her sensitive nerve cluster. He licked, swirled, and suckled, exhilarated by her hitching breath and her hand reaching to grab his hair.

Her hips rocked against him. She fucked his face, and he loved it, moving his tongue with even more enthusiasm and adding his fingers to the game, pushing two inside of her.

“Austin!” she called out, releasing his hair and propping herself up into a seated position.

He paused, and she groaned in frustration.

“Don’t stop! I just wanted to watch.”

Austin grinned up at her before diving back in with renewed enthusiasm. Her soft cries and moans took on a new urgency. Austin enveloped her clitoris with his lips and suckled even as his fingers moved to tease her sweet pussy.

Her body tensed under him, and she let out a long, lasting moan. She once again grabbed his hair as she steadied herself by settling her feet on his shoulders.

“I’m coming,” she cried. “I’m coming!”

Her body erupted in pleasure beneath him, the tension having wound her body so tight that when she climaxed, she convulsed so roughly he had to grab her legs and hold her still. At the same time, he continued licking her clit, making her ride it out so the pleasure wouldn’t be cut short.

“Oh fuck,” she said, finally settling onto her back and catching her breath. “Oh fuck…”

“Your wish is my command,” he growled, grabbing his throbbing cock through his pants. It was time to take what was his.